30 Best Quarterbacks of All Time

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Following the New England Patriots’ dramatic loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on February 4, Tom Brady’s record is five Super Bowl wins — the most of any NFL quarterback — and three losses, which is tied for second most. He is also among the career leaders in several passing categories.

So where does Brady rank among all-time NFL quarterbacks?

The debate over which NFL quarterback is the best ever tends to come down to a philosophical question of what’s more important: rings or stats? Team success or individual accomplishments?

To determine the 30 best quarterbacks of all time, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed all quarterbacks currently in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and those who have won at least one Super Bowl or NFL Championship. We considered each player’s championship wins, lifetime QB rating, number of Pro Bowl and All-Pro selections, times selected as league MVP, playoff wins, and more.

Of course, many of the 30 best quarterbacks of all time have both titles and great numbers. But not all.

And as a whole, the rankings lent more weight to team success – titles counted a little more than individual performances. Coming close and not winning didn’t help the cause – one Super Bowl win lifts a quarterback higher than multiple Super Bowl losses. Some passers made up for a lack of rings with stellas career passer ratings.

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