Special Report

50 Most Powerful Women in Entertainment

As is the case in so many aspects of life, money is one determinant of influence. The majority of women on our list can ask for and be paid huge sums of money for their talents — or at least they were able to at some point in their careers. Forty-eight of the actors are worth $10 million or more. Of those, 18 are worth $100 million or more, including nine of the top 10 most powerful women.

Most of the actors on the list acquired their wealth through a steady body of work. Among the most prolific are Whoopi Goldberg, who has 171 acting credits to her name; Susan Sarandon, who has 151; and Sharon Stone, who has 135. The entertainer with the fewest credits is 27-year old Emma Watson, who has so far accumulated 21 acting credits.

While it always takes some amount of time in the industry to gather power, fame, and fortune, not all have been in the limelight for long. Gal Gadot – who solidified her place as one of Hollywood’s most in demand actors with her recent role as Wonder Woman – has only been working for 11 years. Jennifer Lawrence has only been at it for one year longer.

At the other end of the spectrum is Judi Dench – who appeared on the television series “Hilda Lessways” in 1959 – and Sally Field – who had an uncredited role in 1962’s “Moon Pilot” and appeared on the TV series “Gidget” four years later.

To determine the most powerful women in entertainment, 24/7 Wall St. created a composite index score based on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) popularity, acting credits, seniority (the number of years the actor has been working), net worth, and annual Wikipedia page views. The index for IMDb popularity was created based on the votes an actor received for every acting credit on IMDb. If an actor was in an episode of TV, and the individual TV episode has an individual rating and vote count, that was incorporated into the Index. If only the TV show as a whole has a rating and vote count, then the actor was awarded votes based on the total votes the TV show received divided by the total number of appearances in the TV show. If the actor is one of the leads in a movie or TV episode, they received a full weight, otherwise they received a half weight. Seniority and acting credits are also from IMDb. Wikipedia page views in the past year (as of March 19, 2018) were determined by Wikimedia Pageviews Analysis tool, and the net worth of each actor is from Celebrity Net Worth.com.