Special Report

Strangest Roadside Attraction in Every State

Marc Schwarz

Source: ErgoSum88 / Wikimedia Commons

11. Hawaii
> Strangest attraction: Pineapple Garden Maze
> Year built: 1999
> Location: Wahiawa, north shore of Oahu
> Closest city: Honolulu

Located on the Dole Plantation, the world’s largest maze features 14,000 colorful Hawaiian plants, has nearly 2.5 miles of paths, and covers more than three acres. In the maze, the goal is to locate the eight secret stations.The fastest finishers win a prize and get their names recorded on a sign at the maze’s entrance.

Source: Alan Levine / Flickr

12. Idaho
> Strangest attraction: Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1 (EBR-I) Atomic Museum
> Year built: 1951
> Location: Arco
> Closest city: Idaho Falls

Ever wanted to touch the instruments in a nuclear reactor control room or try to use the mechanical arms used to hold radioactive materials? You can at the Experimental Breeder Reactor No. 1, or EBR-1 for short, which made history on Dec. 20, 1951, when it became the first plant to generate usable electricity from atomic energy.

Source: Silly America / Flickr

13. Illinois
> Strangest attraction: The Super Museum
> Year built: 1993
> Location: Market Street, Metropolis
> Closest city: Paducah, Ky.

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! No, it’s a Superman museum. Located on Superman Square in the Man of Steel’s official hometown, Metropolis, the two-story building features more than 20,000 items from longtime Superman enthusiast Jim Hambrick’s collection, including the only remaining George Reeves costume from the original TV series.

Source: Pilcrow / Wikimedia Commons

14. Indiana
> Strangest attraction: United States Vice Presidential Museum
> Year built: 1993
> Location: Warren St., Huntington
> Closest city: Fort Wayne

Officially known as The Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center after the 44th vice president, the two-story former church building showcases the history of all the vice presidents, including memorabilia and a theater. Did you know Mike Pence is the sixth VP from Indiana, following Schuyler Colfax, Thomas Hendricks, Charles Fairbanks, Thomas Marshall, and Dan Quayle?

Source: Peter Zillmann / Flickr

15. Iowa
> Strangest attraction: Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk
> Year built: 1985
> Location: Riverside
> Closest city: Iowa City

The town of Riverside, incorporated in 1882, is best known for an event that won’t occur for 210 years. That’s when James T. Kirk, future captain of the USS Enterprise, will be born. A plaque commemorates the upcoming event, and an annual Star Trek festival is held in the town that claims Kirk as its own after creator Gene Roddenberry wrote that the captain was born in Iowa.