Special Report

Strangest Roadside Attraction in Every State

COVID-19 has probably wreaked havoc on most people’s traveling plans. As cases continue to surge across the country and states are reimposing travel restrictions, taking that long-awaited vacation seems highly unlikely. But traveling does not have to be canceled all together. Amid the pandemic, road trips may be safer than flying as passengers have more control of their surroundings.

Besides, road trips can be one of the best ways to experience the diversity of the American landscape and cultures, whether you’re travelling thousands of miles cross country or down a few hundred miles of coastline. While sticking to the Interstate may get someone to their destination faster, opting to cruise down state highways and backroads can offer a rich experience that doesn’t often happen at 65 miles per hour — namely, the roadside attraction.

Whether it’s a giant talking penguin or the spot where a Soviet satellite crashed, every state has interesting, quirky, unusual, and just plain wacky places to visit. 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of some of the strangest attractions in every state. They’re often not the most famous or popular attractions, just ones that will make you say, “Huh, never knew that.”

From towering dinosaur statues that break the monotony of cornfield country, to a live tree you can drive your car through, to a coral castle built mysteriously in the dark by a reclusive old man, these classic hallmarks of America are what make road trips memorable when driving in the middle of nowhere.

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