Special Report

Strangest Roadside Attraction in Every State

Source: museumofbadart.org

21. Massachusetts
> Strangest attraction: The Museum of Bad Art
> Year built: 1994
> Location: Somerville Theatre, Somerville
> Closest city: Boston

One man’s trash becomes an art fancier’s dream. Antique dealer Scott Wilson started the collection after showing a painting he had recovered from the trash to some friends, who then suggested the idea. The pieces in the Museum of Bad Art range, according to the museum’s website, “the work of talented artists that have gone awry to works of exuberant, although crude, execution by artists barely in control of the brush.”

Source: petlawninc.com

22. Michigan
> Strangest attraction: Hoegh Pet Casket Co.
> Year built: 1966
> Location: Railway Ave., Gladstone
> Closest city: Escanaba

The tour at Pet Casket Factory starts in a showroom, where a complete pet funeral seems to be in progress — with casket, floral arrangements, candles, and velvet paintings of mournful, large-eyed puppies. It concludes at the model pet cemetery outside. And there’s a brass plaque on the crematorium: “If Christ would have had a little dog, it would have followed Him to the Cross.”

Source: sfgamchick / Flickr

23. Minnesota
> Strangest attraction: Jolly Green Giant
> Year built: 1979
> Location: South Nicollet St., Blue Earth
> Closest city: Mankato

The 55.5-foot Jolly Green Giant statue grew out of a local radio station owner’s “Welcome Travelers” program. As he interviewed people who passed through town, he gave them Green Giant vegetables (canned in a local factory) at the end of each show. The guests would sometimes ask, “Where’s the Green Giant?” An idea and a monument were born.

Source: Xceleration Media / YouTube

24. Mississippi
> Strangest attraction: Devil’s Crossroads
> Year built: 1938
> Location: Corners of Highways 61 and 49, Clarksdale
> Closest city: Oxford

If you’re a blues fan, you might be familiar with the legend of blues icon Robert Johnson selling his soul to Satan at this crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Legend aside, this busy intersection is hard to miss thanks to a signpost with giant guitars sitting atop. Nearby, learn more about Johnson at the Rock ‘n Roll and Blues Heritage Museum.

Source: National Register of Historic Places / Wikimedia Commons

25. Missouri
> Strangest attraction: Jesse James Home Museum
> Year built: 1881
> Location: S 12th St., St. Joseph
> Closest city: Kansas City

In the Jesse James Home Museum you can see the infamous bullet hole in the interior wall made after Robert Ford pulled out his .44 caliber Smith & Wesson pistol and shot the legendary outlaw behind his right ear on April 3, 1882. After James’s body was exhumed in 1995, it was determined that the bullet that killed him never left his body.