Special Report

30 Best Cities for Older Americans

The U.S. is on the verge of a massive surge of retirement in the coming years. As of 2016, 14.3% of the population was aged 65 or older. That figure is expected to rise to over 20% in the next decade.

The rapidly-aging American population is currently changing the face of our economy, creating urgent need for new medical services, retirement communities, and recreational facilities and activities. For those millions of retiring Americans who are looking to find a place to live out their post-work years, a warm climate is often enough.

There are, however, many other considerations that seniors are keeping in mind when choosing a place to retire. 24/7 Wall St. identified the best cities for older Americans to retire based on an index of a dozen measures.

We included in our analysis the concentration of recreational facilities such as golf courses and bowling alleys, the presence of doctors and dentists, and retirement income. We also rewarded areas with already high concentrations of seniors, as they are likely indicative of older residents there finding peers and facilities tailored to them.

Based on these factors, 24/ Wall St. ranked the 30 best cities for older Americans.

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