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Surprising Things the Government Knows About Americans

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11. Have you ever been told that you snore loudly?
> Survey: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Snoring is an important indicator of sleep disorders, but it can be difficult for respondents to accurately self-assess whether they snore or not. While 33.2% of adults report that they never snore, only 23.6% of adults have never been told that they snore.

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12. Have you ever seen signs of mice or rats inside your house/apartment?
> Survey: American Housing Survey

Some 11.2% of households report having seen signs of mice or rats in their homes in the past 12 months.

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13. How many times have you been married?
> Survey: American Community Survey

While 3.5% of Americans 15 years old and over have been married at least three times, the majority of U.S. adults have been married just once.

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14. On average, how many hours of sleep do you get in a 24-hour period?
> Survey: Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

An estimated 35.2% of American adults get less than seven hours of sleep a night, the amount recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and Sleep Research Society for health and well-being. Older Americans ages 65 and over get the most sleep, while young adults aged 45 to 54 get the least.

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15. What time do you usually leave home to go to work?
> Survey: American Community Survey

The busiest time of the day for commuting is between 7:00 a.m. and 7:29 a.m., when 14.6% of commuters leave for work. The least busy time is between 11:00 a.m. and 11:59 a.m., when 1.3% of commuters leave for work.