Special Report

Towns and Cities With the Longest Names

Source: Laura Hertzfeld / Wikimedia Commons

10. Truth or Consequences
> State: New Mexico
> Population: 6,157

Truth or Consequences is a small and scenic city located in Sierra County in the heart of New Mexico. It was initially dubbed Hot Springs, due to the area’s multitude of hot spring. The city was renamed in 1950 after radio host Ralph Edwards announced he would broadcast an episode of his show, “Truth or Consequences,” from any American town that changed its name to match that of his program.

Source: Serenethos / Getty Images

9. Lauderdale-by-the-Sea
> State: Florida
> Population: 6,375

Lauderdale-by-the-Sea is located in Broward County, Florida. It is not only one of the top 10 longest city names in the nation, but also it is known as Florida’s Beach Diving Capital.

Source: Clotee Allochuku / Flickr

8. Rolling Hills Estates
> State: California
> Population: 8,206

Rolling Hills Estates became Los Angeles County’s 60th municipality in the fall of 1957. It’s located between Los Angeles, which is California’s largest city, and the Pacific Ocean.

Source: WhisperToMe / Wikimedia Commons

7. West University Place
> State: Texas
> Population: 15,318

West University Place was incorporated in 1924 in Harris County, Texas. The city’s proximity to Rice University served as inspiration for its name.

Source: dionhinchcliffe / Flickr

6. Fontana-on-Geneva Lake
> State: Wisconsin
> Population: 1,636

Fontana-on-Geneva Lake in Walworth County, Wisconsin, is the epitome of small-town living with boutiques, local eateries, and water activities on Geneva Lake — all available for a population of just 1,600 people and various tourists.