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Towns and Cities With the Longest Names

Source: jfbenning / Getty Images

50. Spring Lake Heights
> State: New Jersey
> Population: 4,646

Spring Lake Heights is located in Monmouth County in eastern New Jersey. Founded in 1927, the town was named after Spring Lake, the neighboring coastal pond.

Source: Wikimedia Commons / DavisJodi

49. Batesburg-Leesville
> State: South Carolina
> Population: 5,273

This small town sits in the western part of Lexington County in South Carolina and is the midpoint between Augusta, Georgia, and the state capital, Columbia. Batesburg-Leesville was formerly two separate towns that merged into one in 1992.

Source: Andrew Filer from Seattle (ex-Minneapolis) / Wikimedia Commons

48. International Falls
> State: Minnesota
> Population: 6,226

Located in Koochiching County Minnesota, International Falls has been around as early as the 17th century. Originally known as the Village of Koochiching, the name changed to International Falls in 1903 after the local river that borders two nations: Canada and the U.S.

Source: Joshua Moore / Getty Images

47. St. Augustine Beach
> State: Florida
> Population: 6,710

St. Augustine Beach is an ideal travel destination for beach lovers. Located in St. Johns County, Florida, this small beach town was incorporated in 1959, more than century after St. Augustine — which is located about five miles north of the town — was founded in 1822.

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

46. Grosse Pointe Farms
> State: Michigan
> Population: 9,265

Grosse Pointe Farms is classified as an upscale, suburban community on the shores of Lake St. Clair in Wayne County, Michigan. The small city, which was established in 1892, borders Detroit, Michigan’s largest city.