Special Report

Towns and Cities With the Longest Names

Source: Anderson Country Club / Facebook

40. Country Club Heights
> State: Indiana
> Population: 115

Country Club Heights may have one of the longest names for a town or city, but its population is one of the smallest. This tiny town in Madison County, Indiana, has a population of 115 people, the second smallest on this list.

Source: Courtesy of Village of Grand View-On-Hudson New York

39. Grand View-on-Hudson
> State: New York
> Population: 366

Grand View-on-Hudson, a small town in Rockland County, New York, is located about 25 miles north of New York City. Formerly known as Grand View, the town was first incorporated in 1900. However, due to a dispute between residents over taxes for maintaining River Road 17 years later, the village disincorporated. One year later the town was incorporated again as Grand View-on-Hudson.

Source: Flickr / Bill_alden

38. Old Brownsboro Place
> State: Kentucky
> Population: 393

Old Brownsboro Place is located in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and has just under 400 people living there. It sits near the state border with Indiana and is just eight miles northeast of Louisville.

Source: 88671712@N08 / Flickr

37. Jupiter Inlet Colony
> State: Florida
> Population: 508

Settlement in Jupiter Inlet Colony is said to date back to 1565. The name Jupiter originated in 1763, when English settlers first came to the area. Spanish explorers had named the river running through the inlet, Jobe River. The English settlers thought this name sounded like the mythological god Jupiter. The town, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, would not get its present-day name until 1955.

Source: Public Domain / Wikimedia Commons

36. Green Mountain Falls
> State: Colorado
> Population: 644

Twelve miles northwest of Colorado Springs, amid the mountain valley that Pike National Forest encloses, lies the small town of Green Mountain Falls. Located in El Paso County, the town was incorporated in 1890.