Special Report

14 Mistakes to Avoid Throwing a Holiday Party

Hristina Byrnes

Event coordinator is the fifth most stressful job in America, right after police officer and before reporter. Throwing a party is perhaps even worse because you’re not getting paid for your efforts.

Feeling obliged to make people happy can make you irrational and vulnerable to mistakes that can easily be avoided.

When planning a party, if you keep in mind that the ultimate goal is for guests to be comfortable and have a good time, you may avoid overthinking the details. After all, who really remembers or cares about little things such as the color of the invitations?

However, throwing a hit party is not as easy as ordering pizza and having a fridge full of beverages — no one is immune to festivity faux pas — but it’s not rocket science either. The best way to learn is from somebody else’s mistakes.

To compile a list of mistakes to avoid when throwing a holiday party, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed a dozen articles and personal blogs by event planners with tips on organizing parties, and selected the best and most frequently mentioned.

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