10 Ways to Start Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner in October

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Thanksgiving? Already? We’ve barely packed away our bathing suits, and there are still leaves on the trees — at least some of them. It isn’t even Halloween yet.

The fall and winter holidays seem years away in July and August, but then comes Labor Day, and the next thing you know it’s New Year’s Eve. The concentration of festive observances between the end of October and the end of December somehow seems to speed up the clock.

Yes, it’s only October, but Thanksgiving is not much more than a month down the road.

If you’re in the habit of hosting Thanksgiving dinners, you already know enough to make a checklist and start your shopping and other preparations a week or so ahead of time. But there are aspects of getting ready for this momentous occasion — the most important American food holiday by far — that can and probably should be addressed right now.

Plan a menu, figure out who’s coming and how they’re getting to your feast, do some shopping or at least preordering, make sure you have everything you’ll need for cooking and serving, hone your kitchen skills…

Because you’re not facing a time crunch, if you decide to tackle any or all of these projects this month, you can space them out, working at your own pace. When the holiday countdown starts in earnest, you’ll be glad you got some chores out of the way.

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Get some of your Thanksgiving planning out of the way this month and then relax and enjoy the autumn air for a few weeks before you jump into the fray again, wondering if it isn’t high time you began your Christmas shopping (answer: it is).