These Will Be the Most Popular Names in a Decade

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Source: Christopher Polk / Getty Images

5. Olivia
> Popularity in 2018: No. 1

Olivia dates back to the early 17th century when it was used by William Shakespeare as the name of a character in his comedy “Twelfth Night.” It may be a form of the Latin word “oliva,” which means olive. The name became more popular in the 20th century.

Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

4. Emma
> Popularity in 2018: No. 46

Emma is the short form of Germanic names that start with “ermen,” which means whole or universal. It became popular in England after the Norman conquest in the 11th century, and was revived again in the 18th century.

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

3. Harper
> Popularity in 2018: No. 115

The name has English, Scottish, and Irish origins. It used to be the last name of a person who played the harp. The harp player was a major figure of a medieval baronial hall, with the office of harper sometimes being hereditary. The name is still very popular in Ireland as a last name.

Source: sdasmarchives / Flickr

2. Amelia
> Popularity in 2018: No. 7

Amelia has a Latin origin, meaning striving or industrious. It’s a mix of the medieval names Emilia and Amalia.

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1. Charlotte
> Popularity in 20178 No. 5

Charlotte is the feminine version of Charles, which means a free man. The name has a French origin, even though it is very common in England.