Special Report

50 Most Amazing Things About America Today

The United States of America is a nation unlike any other. The U.S. is different from the rest of the world because it does not have a common ethnic or linguistic background, and as such does not draw on a single national identity, value set, or heritage. Another distinguishing characteristic is the United States Constitution, the oldest written document of its kind that contains checks and balances of government. To paraphrase former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, “Europe was created by history. America was created by philosophy.”

The Founding Fathers believed the new nation was a special place, a place without class distinction, where people would be free to worship, organize, speak freely, and build a better future for themselves. America became a magnet for immigrants, whose only limit to success — at least in theory — was their imagination.

From this firmament have emerged inventions like the personal computer; cultural phenomena like jazz and motion pictures; and the inexorable pursuit of equality and justice for all — the civil rights acts, women’s suffrage, and same-sex marriage.

As the evolving American experiment continues to fascinate us, 24/7 Wall St. has compiled 50 most amazing things about America today. We reviewed online resources, government agencies, and surveys such as those done by the Pew Research Center to create our list.

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