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50 Most Amazing Things About America Today

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11. Slice of heaven

More than nine in every 10 Americans have eaten pizza in the last month. According to some estimates, Americans consume the equivalent of about 100 acres of pizza every day.

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12. Government property

Nearly one-third of all land in the U.S. — or 650 million acres — is federally owned.

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13. Fast food nation

On any given day in U.S., about 84.8 million adults — 37% of the adult population — consume fast food, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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14. America does not entirely belong to Americans

Foreign investors own 27.3 million acres of U.S. farmland, an area about the size of Virginia.

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15. President

The U.S. was the first nation to use the title of “President” for its head of state.