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Best St. Patrick's Day Events in the Country

Source: Courtesy of Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau

The only bi-state parade in the country
> Location: Davenport, Iowa
> Time: 3/15/2019

Marching from Rock Island, Illinois, across the Mississippi River into Davenport, Iowa, the Quad Cities Grand parade is the only bi-state St. Patrick’s parade in the country and attracts tens of thousands of spectators every year.

Source: peeterv / Getty Images

The shortest St. Paddy’s parade in the world
> Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas
> Time: 3/15/2019

At 98 feet long, the Hot Springs, Arkansas, St. Patrick’s parade route may be short, but it features the world’s largest inflatable leprechaun. The weekend-long festivities, which bring out 30,000 people yearly, also feature Irish Elvis impersonators and an Arkansas Blarney Stone kissing contest.

Source: Sean Gardner / Getty Images

It’s a Mardi Gras/St. Patrick’s Day event
> Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
> Time: 3/15/2019

New Orleans loves a good parade, so it’s not surprising that the city hosts multiple parades as part of the biggest St. Patrick’s celebration in the country for the last 200 years. In addition to throwing beads in classic Mardi Gras fashion, float riders also throw potatoes and cabbages to the crowd.

Source: rustyl3599 / Getty Images

No open container law = epic tailgating
> Location: Savannah, Georgia
> Time: 3/15/2019

Savannah’s biggest party every year is the St. Patrick’s Celebration on the River, which draws 400,000 people and features dyed-green fountains, live music all day, and hours of tailgating parties before one of the oldest St. Patrick’s parades in the country. Due to the absence of any open container laws, Savannah is a popular party destination.

Source: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

The oldest and largest in the country
> Location: New York, New York
> Time: 3/16/2019

New York City’s St. Patrick’s parade is not only the largest in the country, drawing 2 million spectators annually, it’s also the oldest. Established in 1762, the parade now lasts up to five hours and features more than 150,000 marchers and performers.