Colleges with the Most March Madness Wins

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Source: Andy Lyons / Getty Images
March Madness is one of the most exciting times in a sports fan’s year. During the NCAA Tournament, anything seems possible — from buzzer beating shots to Cinderella teams making deep runs and clutch performances.

While everyone loves pulling for an underdog, the reality is that the established programs are likely going to dominate the competition. As of 2018, there have been 80 NCAA Tournaments. Most of those tournament championships, 48 to be exact, were won by just 10 different teams.

Certain schools — whether it’s because of their rich history, particularly good coach, or a large endowment that allows the school to invest in sports facilities — have been able to achieve sustained success over decades and rack up dozens of NCAA Tournament wins.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed all-time college basketball data from to determine the colleges with the most March Madness wins as of 2018.  

Of the 22 teams that have won 40 or more NCAA Tournament games, 10 have been involved in some sort of violation or scandal for which they were penalized. Some teams that were forced to vacate some NCAA Tournament wins were still credited with an NCAA Tournament appearance, but those vacated wins are still included on this list.

To determine the colleges with the most March Madness wins, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed college basketball data on, ranking teams based on the number of NCAA Tournament wins in that program’s history. The stats are as of the end of the 2018 season, so appearances and wins from 2019 were not considered. Wins vacated due to NCAA infractions were included.

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