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19 Genius Inventions That Can Stop Us from Using So Much Plastic

Source: Courtesy of Package Free

Bamboo toothbrushes

Considering that a person is supposed to use a new toothbrush every three to four months, it’s disheartening to think how much plastic waste we add to landfill sites from toothbrushes alone. Plant-based toothbrushes have been around for several years. All components, even the box and packaging, are made from bamboo or compostable castor bean nylon.

Source: Courtesy of EnviGreen

Store bags made of starch

Bags that can become food for animals after use and thus serve a double purpose? This may sound too good to be true but it’s a reality. EnviGreen is an Indian company that, as a result of many cities banning plastic bags, has found an alternative. Its solution is bags made of starch and vegetable oil derivatives. If animals don’t eat them in the end, the company says the eco-friendly bags will dissolve within a day.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Cotton produce bags

Every different vegetable or fruit you get at the store is usually packed in a separate plastic bag. So people sometimes end up going home with 10-15 plastic bags after just one shopping trip. And the bags, sadly, will often simply end up in the trash bin without being reused again. There are many kinds of affordable and reusable bags made from 100% cotton mesh biodegradable material.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Silicone stretch lids

Silicone stretch lids are an elegant alternative to aluminum foil or stretch wraps that are so common. Just think of all the money you’ll save from not having to buy tupperware in all kinds of sizes. With silicone lids you don’t even have to worry about starting a fire by putting them in the microwave. They are made of silicone, so they can go there, as well as in the freezer and regular oven.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Eco-friendly conditioner bars

Just one Ethique eco-friendly solid shampoo bar is equivalent to five bottles of the liquid version. The bars are also available as conditioners, lotions, and face washes. The beauty company, whose name means ethics in French and which is based in New Zealand, was named the country’s most sustainable business. The bars are made of coconut oil, cocoa butter, kiwifruit seed oil and essential oils.