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19 Genius Inventions That Can Stop Us from Using So Much Plastic

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Compostable trash bags

Despite all the talk about plastics and saving the environment, not a lot of focus is put on trash bags, which are made of plastic. Usage of plastic garbage bags has increased steadily over the last few years. Compostable trash bags can be made from potato starch, with no plasticizers whatsoever.

Source: Tecnaro GmbH / Wikimedia Commons

Liquid wood

Liquid wood, or arboform, is a bioplastic composed of wood pulp-based lignin, hemp or flax, and wax. When mixed with other materials, it creates a non-toxic alternative to petroleum-based plastics. Liquid wood is already used to make certain car parts, boats, decks, and other items.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Dog waste bags

More than 43 million households in the United States own one or more dogs. Each has to be walked at least twice a day. People usually clean up after them with plastic bags. That is at least 86 million plastic bags a day thrown out and left to decompose in landfills or oceans for decades to come. This could easily be avoided if people used a single waste bag over and over again, one that can be washed and dried quickly. Luckily, it’s already on the market.

Source: Courtesy of Amazon

Menstrual cup

Women have to change pads or tampons every few hours. And a menstrual cycle usually lasts 4-5 days, and even a week. Do the math and you’ll get a very big number for pads and tampons, which can contain up to 90% plastic, filling up landfills every year. Menstrual cups that women can use again and again have gotten popular over the last few years. The cups can even hold up to three times as much liquid as a tampon.