The Most Tourist-Friendly Countries in the World

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Source: AleksandarGeorgiev / Getty Images

6. Switzerland

Some of the most visited places in Switzerland are the Matterhorn (possibly the most photographed mountain in the world), the four-centuries old Chillion Castle, the Jungfrau region, which is a wonderland in the winter, and, of course, Lake Geneva.

Switzerland remains one of the most attractive countries to tourists largely thanks to its high safety and security standards. Its tourism service infrastructure is very well developed. But one area that needs improvement, according to the World Economic Forum, is the strict visa policy. While American tourists can stay in Switzerland without a visa for up to 90 days, there are at least 50 countries Americans can’t visit without permission.

Source: IakovKalinin / Getty Images

7. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom gets more than 34 million visitors every year. The WEF credits the country with significantly improving its tourism infrastructure as well as its price competitiveness. The unknown consequences of Brexit, which is due to take effect at the end of October, deal or no deal, are looming. The WEF has already pointed out that tourism is threatened by the country’s declining international openness. One part of the U.K., however, is already sick and tired of tourists.

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8. Australia

Tourism in Australia is growing. The country welcomes 9.2 million international tourists in 2018, a 5.0% increase from the previous year. About 63.0% of the tourists are returning visitors. American tourists visiting Australia spend about $3.8 billion a year. Still, Australia is one country where Americans can’t travel to without a visa even for a day.

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9. Germany

Germany has remained in third place globally in the WEF’s overall Travel and Tourism competitiveness index. The country’s unique cultural resource and business travel, combined with a well-developed tourist service infrastructure are major reasons for its high rank. And while the Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, the Cologne Cathedral, the Black Forest in southwestern Germany, the iconic Neuschwanstein Castle, and, of course, the Rhine Valley are major attractions, the country is not heavily reliant on tourism due to its strong and diversified economy. After all, it’s one of the most productive countries in the world.

Source: diegograndi / Getty Images

10. Canada

Canada, one of the least crowded countries in the world, welcomed more than 20 million visitors in 2018. In March alone, 2.7 million travelers entered Canada from abroad, a 3.7% increase from February. The majority of tourists are from the United States. Their Northern neighbors enjoy a reputation as one of the world’s friendliest nations. The WEF credits Canada with having a very efficient air transport, high level of security, and good tourism sector infrastructure. Some of the best places to visit, according to U.S. News & World report, are Jasper and Banff national parks, Niagara Falls near Toronto, Victoria and Vancouver Island, and in the French province of Quebec, Montreal and Quebec city.