Special Report

Summer Getaways We’re Losing to Climate Change

When people think of vacations, many picture warm waters and white sandy beaches. Some think of hiking through beautiful forests. Others prefer to spend their time off seeing preserved artifacts and wonders created by ancient civilizations. No matter how you vacation, there is a good chance that your ideal getaway may be spoiled by climate change. 

24/7 Tempo reviewed scientific and media reports, including from the United Nations and the Union of Concerned Scientists, on vacation destinations suffering from temperature and weather fluctuations to compile this list of summer getaways we are losing to climate change.

These certainly aren’t the biggest problems posed by climate change. Rising ocean waters threaten to flood some islands and coastal areas and make them uninhabitable, while other changes brought about by extreme weather are making it difficult to maintain agricultural traditions centuries old. These are just a few of the disaster scenarios caused by climate change.

Each of the six populated continents has world heritage sites that are in jeopardy of being eroded away by increased storm activity, being made inhospitable by rising temperatures, or being completely submerged by heightened sea levels. And it is not just humanity being affected — dozens of animals could go extinct as a result of climate change.

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