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The Most Welcoming Countries to Expats

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5. Singapore
> Ease of settling in: 18th out of 68
> Working abroad: 14th out of 68

The island city-state south of Malaysia is known for being a well-run, multinational nation and is one of the world’s financial hubs. Singapore ranked fourth out of 68 nations in quality of life, and graded well in the other indexes. What hurt Singapore was its cost of living score, where it placed 58th out of 68 nations. In terms of working abroad, Singapore scored in the top 10 in the subcategories of economy and job security and career prospects and satisfaction. In Singapore, 31% of expats are managers and 9% are entrepreneurs. Singapore was also 12th on the family life index, ranking second only to Finland in the subcategory of quality of education.

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4. Mexico
> Ease of settling in: 2nd out of 68
> Working abroad: 21st of out 68

Mexico was among the most welcoming of nations to expats, 88% of whom were generally satisfied with the nation. Mexico scored highly in the indexes of ease of settling in, personal finance, and cost of living. Mexico ranked first in the subcategory of personal happiness and was second for leisure. The Mexican population was ranked by Expat Insider as the world’s friendliest. Mexico was in the top three in cost of living and personal finance. Some 39% of expats were retirees and more than half of expats said they may stay in Mexico forever.

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3. Ecuador
> Ease of settling in: 8th out of 68
> Working abroad: 11th out of 68

Expat Insider said Ecuador tumbled in the ratings in 2017, possibly because of the impact of an earthquake. However, the South American nation jumped back into the upper echelon of desired nations for expats, many of whom were retirees seeking a better quality of life, were satisfied with their financial situation, were happy with their leisure choices, and can avail of affordable health-care options. Ecuador also leaped 40 spots in the working abroad portion of the index.

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2. Taiwan
> Ease of settling in: 15th out of 68
> Working abroad: 2nd out of 68

Taiwan is a desired destination for expats because of people’s happiness as well as education system. Respondents are content with their job, and are satisfied with the Asian island nation’s quality of life. About 96% of expats rank the healthcare system as affordable, an important factor to them.

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> Ease of settling in: 1st out of 68
> Working abroad: 1st out of 68

Bahrain retains its position as the most desired nation for expats for a second year in a row. The Gulf state scores well in settling in and working abroad. Bahrain’s ratings improved among expat families and it is the most highly ranked nation among expat women around the world.