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Weirdest Job in Every State

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6. Colorado
> Weirdest job: ​Hydrologist

Hydrologists are engineers that help determine how water management systems such as dams should be constructed. Colorado is home to a number of major dams.

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7. Connecticut
> Weirdest job: Telephone operator

Telephone operators are much rarer than they were a few decades ago, as automation has rendered many jobs obsolete. But there is still need for them to redirect customer calls and assist with billing information for businesses.

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8. Delaware
> Weirdest job: Materials scientist

Materials scientists study the properties of synthetic and natural materials. Delaware hosts the operations of a number of chemicals companies, including DuPont.

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9. Florida
> Weirdest job: Scuba diving pizza delivery man

Only in Florida… at Jules’ Undersea Lounge in Key Largo, visitors can get pizza delivered to their underwater rooms.

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10. Georgia
> Weirdest job: Chicken sexer

Georgia has one of the largest poultry industries in the country. Chicken sexers, or poultry sorters, are needed in the industry to quickly determine whether newborn chicks will be hens or roosters.

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