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Weirdest Job in Every State

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11. Hawaii
> Weirdest job: Golf ball diver

The Island State of Hawaii has dozens of golf courses, many near the ocean. Golf balls are bad for underwater ecosystems, so people are needed to dive underwater and retrieve the errant balls.

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12. Idaho
> Weirdest job: Agricultural engineer

Idaho needs agricultural engineers to perfect the farm equipment many Idahoans use to harvest their famous potatoes and other crops.

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13. Illinois
> Weirdest job: Flavorist

Flavorists use chemicals to recreate familiar tastes or totally new ones in food.

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14. Indiana
> Weirdest job: Airplane repo-man

If someone becomes wealthy enough to buy an airplane, but falls into financial arrears, they can expect a visit from an airplane repo-man. Nick Popovich, who appeared on the Discovery Channel show “Airplane Repo”, has a facility for repossessed planes in Indiana.

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15. Iowa
> Weirdest job: Wind turbine service technician

Iowa is one of the biggest producers of wind energy in the United States, and technicians are needed to keep those turbines spinning.

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