Special Report

24/7 Wall St. & Zogby Analytics BattleGround State Poll: Biden, Warren, and Sanders neck and neck in Washington State

Washington State is split on their support for three Democratic rivals: Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. Warren is currently starting to make a move, especially after two decent debates and good media coverage. She is currently sneaking up on Bernie Sanders by trying to stake her position as the true “liberal choice.”

As we have seen in previous national polling, Bernie Sanders is stronger with the under 50 voter and Biden has stronger support with voters over 50. They are also close among women and Hispanics.

Kamala Harris is in fourth place and does well with upper income voters but still lags with women and younger voters.

Even in a blue state, more than 40% of all voters say they support Trump on certain issues in private and tell people the opposite. This view is especially prevalent among some important swing voters: Millennials/Generation Z, Independents and stay at home parents/guardians.

It’s the economy stupid! Voters say the economy and jobs will decide who they vote for in 2020, followed closely by truth/truthfulness. Both will impact Trump, but right now it’s open for debate if it will be negative or positive impact. Other popular issues such as racism, gun control, The Green New Deal, and income equality were not as important to voters in 2020. Medicare for all (10% support) is moving up the list!