Special Report

The Smallest Cars People Actually Drive

Recent annual sales data from Kelley Blue Book, a vehicle valuation and automotive research provider, shows that this shift away from sedans and toward SUVs continues unabated.

Of course, many Americans would still prefer smaller, more fuel-efficient cars. Kelly Blue Book provided 24/7 Wall St. with a list of 25 sedans, hatchbacks, and subcompact vehicles that weigh less than 2,500 pounds. For context, a number of pickup trucks and SUVs on the road today weigh well over 5,000 pounds. One of the vehicles on this list barely weighs over one ton. These are all vehicles for the 2019 model year. To avoid repetition, only the lightest trim for each model is listed.  

As a general rule, subcompacts like the Ford Fiesta, compacts like the Honda Civic, and small two-seater sports cars like the Mazda Miata will have the best fuel economy. They might not be the most practical options, but cars like these are so lightweight that they can have well over twice the fuel economy of large SUVs or pickup trucks with less than half the weight, albeit also with less space and utility. These are America’s most eco-friendly vehicles

In addition to being cheaper because of fuel costs, smaller cars tend to also be relatively inexpensive. This is every auto brand’s cheapest model.

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