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The Most Popular Dive Bar in Every State

Source: Courtesy of Swabarna M. via Yelp

Massachusetts: Moynagh’s Tavern
> City: Worcester

Opened in 1935, moved to its current location in 1948, and still in the Moynagh family, this classic neighborhood workers’ bar is near the DCU Center arena complex. “Cheap beer and everyone leaves you alone,” wrote one Yelp reviewer, even though it’s “the kinda place where you walk in and everyone looks over.” Another reviewer called out the “strong drinks [and] loud people” and observed that it’s “dark and a little dirty” — before adding, “It’s my kind of place.”

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Source: Courtesy of Ryan S. via Yelp

Michigan: The Bronx Bar
> City: Detroit

Until she retired late last year after 42 years on the job, the big draw here was curmudgeonly daytime bartender Charleen Dexter, who remembers when beer was 15 cents a glass at this midtown standby. You can still get a brew for $2 here, and the burgers, fries, and fried pickle spears get good reviews. Critics complain about lousy service and too-loud music, but it has also been called “a fun, gritty place.”

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Source: Courtesy of Tony R. via Yelp

Minnesota: Palmer’s Bar
> City: Minneapolis

This music club-cum-dive bar dates its origins to 1906, and has operated under various names and owners ever since — becoming Palmer’s Bar in 1950. Strong drinks, cheap beer, and an outdoor area are among the attractions. According to the bar’s website, Palmer’s has been described as “a church for down and outers and those who romanticize them, a rare place where high and low rub elbows—bums and poets, thieves and slumming celebrities.” As one Yelper put it, “You might meet your new best friend here. You might also get stabbed. Kidding. Sort of.”

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Source: Courtesy of Heather S. via Yelp

Mississippi: Gil’s Fish Camp
> City: Ocean Springs

This “laid back beach-hut bar with cheap booze, tasty crawfish, and a splendid waterfront view” (according to The Daily Meal) has cabins attached, in case you dive a little too deep. The beer is ice cold (“damn near frozen”), the atmosphere is great, and the bartender is “usually entertaining,” say Yelp reviewers.

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Source: Courtesy of Madhura J. via Yelp

Missouri: Silverleaf Lounge
> City: St. Louis

“The standard by which all other neighborhood bars should be judged,” according to St. Louis’s Riverfront Times. “Patriotic relics line the walls,” the Times continues, “and a collection of regulars are a fixture at the bar, trading jokes and jibes with the bartender while a jukebox cranks out soul and oldies that harken back to the time music was actually good.” The Silverleaf is cash only, but prices are low. “[T]he only way you can enjoy a cheaper drink is to drink at home,” noted one Yelper.

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