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The 15 Most Popular Food Orders in America

Source: bhofack2 / Getty Images

15. Chili

The popularity of this Tex-Mex classic for delivery is surprising, considering how many perfectly good canned versions there are, but this might just be yet another indication of the increased interest in Mexican (or sorta Mexican) food.

14. Chicken BLT

When you add chicken to a BLT, isn’t that a club sandwich? Whatever you call it, it’s obviously something people crave.

Source: Arx0nt / Getty Images

13. Cheesecake

Surprisingly, this is the only dessert to make the list. Of course, many other confections, like fancy flaky pastries (not to mention ice cream), wouldn’t lend themselves as well to home delivery.

12. Greek salad

Three salads made the top 15, so there must be at least some concern for healthy eating on the part of food-orderers — though it might be noted that all three contain cheese, so they’re certainly not vegan.

Source: stu_spivack / Wikimedia Commons

11. Spring rolls

Chinese food is such a home-delivery cliché that it’s a surprise to find only this one example of the cuisine on this list — but maybe that’s because so many Chinese restaurants have their own delivery networks and wouldn’t need the services of DoorDash.