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These Are the Most Expensive Zip Codes in 2019

Home prices rose slightly in the United States in 2019, with the median sales price of homes increasing 3.4%, or about $8,000, to $243,000. In the nation’s most affluent neighborhoods, a price increase of $8,000, or even $80,000, would barely count as a fraction of a percent increase.

In some places in the United States, the typical home or condo sold in 2019 went for at least $1.6 million and as much as double that or more. To determine the most expensive zip code of the year, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data on the median  sales price of single-family homes and condos through the first three quarters of 2019 in every zip code in the United States from real estate and property data provider ATTOM Data Solutions to determine the country’s 50 most expensive zip codes of 2019.

High-priced homes tend to cluster in certain parts of the country, usually places with high-paying jobs. These neighborhoods often share higher quality public facilities, schools, and restaurants. They also tend to be safer and afford more privacy — and for these features and others the nation’s more wealthy households are willing to spend millions on a home.

In some of the zip codes on our list, a lack of available space drives up property values, for example in urban Manhattan. In these areas, the size of the properties sold is likely much smaller than in some of the other expensive zip codes on our list. Other zip codes on our list, however, are not in urban environments and have room for luxurious mansions. One example is the 90210 zip code: Beverly Hills. These are the 22 cities with the most mega homes

Almost all of the nation’s most expensive zip codes can be found in one of just a handful of metro areas, notably San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York City. Those four metropolitan areas alone account for all but a few of the 50 zip codes on this list. Due to an abundance of high-paying jobs, almost all of these cities are extremely expensive places to live, not just because of home prices, but also because of the high prices of all goods and services. These are the most 30 most expensive places to raise a family

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