Special Report

25 Most Expensive Cities to Move To

Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans leave their hometowns and move to a new place. Some go for education and others for career opportunities. Some elderly Americans head to warmer climates to enjoy their retirement. No matter the reason, moving is rarely easy, and often can be rather expensive.

Packing up all of one’s belongings and relocating to a different part of the state or the country is not an option for everyone. Moving is challenging, time consuming, and costly. The average cost of moving to a large city is at least $1,200. In one case the average is more than $1,500.

And that figure only includes direct moving expenses such as truck rental, hired help, and fuel for the journey. That figure does not take into account the largest single expense when moving to a new place — the price of place being moved into. The average price of the security deposit and one month’s rent in the largest U.S. cities is at least $1,500 dollars — and more than double that amount in many cases.

24/7 Wall St. reviewed average moving costs and average first month’s rents and security deposits in America’s 100 largest metro areas to determine the 25 most expensive cities to move to.

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