Special Report

Don’t Stock Up on These 20 Fast-Spoiling Foods During the Pandemic

Grocery shopping used to be an errand or a chore — just another thing to do once or twice a week or whenever we needed more cereal or beer. These days, as we struggle to stay safe and sane while the coronavirus pandemic upends life as we once knew it, the essential act of buying food has become a challenge. Restricted store hours and occupancy limits, product shortages, and worries about possible contagion have made the process difficult, unpleasant, and (for those at high risk) even dangerous. (Most Americans say that the coronavirus outbreak has impacted their lives.)

One thing almost everyone agrees on is that whether we go shopping ourselves or use a delivery service to bring groceries to the doorstep, it’s important, now more than ever, to shop smart. In part, that means minimizing trips to the store or cutting down on home deliveries by stocking up on foods that have a long shelf life.

It might also mean temporarily forgoing foods that spoil quickly, or buying them only in small quantities for more or less immediate use. Fortunately, one of the upsides of being self-quarantined is that people are cooking for themselves more, so using ingredients up quickly is easy. For instance, consider these 12 easy recipes to feed your family and make your house smell good while you’re sheltering in place.

It’s always a bad idea to have to throw food away, but it seems especially irresponsible under present circumstances. Unfortunately, we have a history of doing it a lot; the U.S. occupies a prominent place on the list of countries that waste the most food.

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