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30 Thanksgiving Hosting Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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26. Not eating all day

Health experts are unanimous: The single worst thing you can do on Thanksgiving is to not eat all day so you have room for dinner. Depriving your body of the food it needs will backfire on you, resulting in overeating, blood sugar spikes, lethargy, and ultimately a food hangover.

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27. Expecting everything to be served hot

Just accept that not everything will be piping hot at dinnertime. The Thanksgiving table probably has about a dozen dishes. Unless you have a dozen ovens with racks, you’re going to have to pick and choose which ones to warm up first. While the turkey has to be hot when you serve it, the rolls, for example, don’t have to come fresh out of the oven and onto the table.

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28. Not having enough serving plates

Not having enough table settings and silverware is a rookie mistake you can easily avoid. As soon as you know how many people are coming, remember to count your plates, cutlery, and even napkins. It may be a good idea to plan as if a few more people are coming, just in case.

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29. Insisting that everything be cooked at home

Thanksgiving dinner is a massive feast. Unless you have several people to help cook while using the multiple ovens and stoves in your fully equipped gigantic kitchen, just buy some of the food — or ask friends to bring a dish. There is nothing wrong with getting the desserts, at least, from the local bakery.

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30. Having no Plan B

While this is unlikely to happen, unforeseen circumstances can occur and ruin your plans. Research which stores around you carry Thanksgiving dinner packages. Many places offer ready-made Thanksgiving meals, including Whole Foods, Cracker Barrel, and local restaurants.