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Popular Superstitions From Each State -- From Lucky Pennies to Hawaii Rocks


Many superstitions involve human interactions with animals — and their consequences. In Colorado, if you kill a toad, your cow will produce bloody milk.

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Grooming also figures into American superstitions. To comb one’s hair after dark is a sign of sickness in Connecticut.

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The most common superstition in Delaware is to throw salt over your shoulder. Many people toss it specifically over the left shoulder, as the devil is often depicted on the left shoulder, opposing an angel on the right shoulder, when a TV or film character is dealing with temptation.

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If a ladybug lands on you, it is considered a sign of good luck in one or several areas, including love and money. Many people are told as kids never to kill a ladybug because that will bring bad luck.

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If a horse’s mane is tangled it’s a sign that a witch has been riding it. Little knots seen in a mane are called “witches’ stirrups.”