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Popular Superstitions From Each State -- From Lucky Pennies to Hawaii Rocks



Football fans at the University of Alabama don’t sing “Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer” until a Crimson Tide victory is certain. Also, before every Alabama game, coach Nick Saban receives a lucky penny from his daughter, Kristen.

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As the state with the longest coastline it’s not surprising that superstitions related to the sea are common in Alaska. Do not bring bananas or flowers aboard a fishing boat as both will bring misfortune. Sailors don’t bring bananas because hundreds of years ago, the fruit was known to house deadly spiders. Flowers also aren’t allowed onboard boats because they are associated with funeral wreaths.

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Many in Arizona believe that owls are bad luck — similar to black cats. In some cultures owls are even killed because of the belief that they are omens of death.

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Throwing salt over one’s shoulder is the most Googled superstition in Arkansas. In some cultures salt is believed to ward off evil spirits and it’s thrown over the shoulder to block evil spirits.

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Most superstitions go back to colonial times. This one, however, is a relatively recent one. In California, if you make a wish as two Volkswagen Beetles are crossing an intersection, your wish will come true.