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Popular Superstitions From Each State -- From Lucky Pennies to Hawaii Rocks


The most common superstition in Montana is about bad luck coming in threes. The bad luck associated with “three strikes of a match” comes from warfare. If a match is alight long enough for three men to light their cigarettes, this is enough time to be spotted by the enemy.

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In Nebraska, superstition holds that when you walk on a new sidewalk for the first time you should spit on it and make a wish.

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It makes sense that in a state known for its gambling industry the most common superstition will be lucky prime numbers.

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New Hampshire

The number 13 has been associated with bad luck for thousands of years. Because of a superstitious state legislator, there are no seats labeled 13 in the New Hampshire statehouse since 1958.

New Jersey

Eating lentil soup on New Year’s Eve is good luck for the new year. This superstition has origins in Italian culture. New Jersey has one of the highest percentages of people of Italian heritage in the United States.