Special Report

Food Trends We Hope Never Make a Comeback

Food and drink trends come and go. Some blaze across the culinary landscape, enjoying a year or two of fame at most, then fade into obscurity. Others hang around stubbornly long after they’ve jumped the proverbial shark. (These are typical examples of food fads from the decade you were born.)

24/7 Tempo has put together a list of some of the more annoying culinary trends the past half-century or so. Some of these have pretty much vanished from the landscape, or are revived today only as amusing retro relics. Others are, regrettably, still with us but seem to be showing signs of ebbing popularity.

Many of the trends we can do without in the future involve mixing elements that have no business linking up. Flavoring the ancient Middle Eastern chickpea preparation called hummus with baking spices like cinnamon and nutmeg insults several cultures all at once. Sticking a slice of cake on top of a milkshake is hard to beat as an example of wretched (and difficult to consume) excess.

Other trends are just creations that never made much sense to begin with (cold pasta salad) or have long outlived their usefulness (TV dinners). Still others are examples of overusing perfectly good ingredients, like bacon or kale. Here, for example, are 25 bacon-flavored foods the world doesn’t need.

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Food preferences are a matter of individual taste, of course, and there are undoubtedly people who have hope some of these will be around forever, no matter what we say. That’s fine. We’ll be dining elsewhere.