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22 of the Most Popular Board Games in the US and the History Behind Them

Whether stuck at home for a weekend, 10 days, or indefinitely, board games are an easy way to add some fun to a person’s days. There’s a wide range of board games available — from ancient games that are based on nothing but luck to new cult-favorite strategy games.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of more than 20 of the most popular board games in history after reviewing lists of the best-rated and best-selling board games by various gaming e-commerce publications and sites.

Challenge yourself to put away the screens and other electronics and gather with your family – and possibly your pandemic pod — for a good old-fashioned board game. Some of the best board games are for kids, though adults may enjoy them as well, and others are more for the adult members of the family. Some only require two players, while others can accommodate a number of players.

When you are ready to get back to the screen, instead of binging on TV shows, you can keep working on your strategy skills with video games — these are the 20 best-selling video games of all time.

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