Special Report

2021 Oscar Nominees In and Out of Character

After the Oscar for best picture of the year and best director, the most prestigious categories are those for best leading and supporting actors and actresses. Though they are nominated largely based on their performance, the nominees would not have been able to fully immerse themselves in their characters if it weren’t for the hair and makeup artists as well as the costume designers.  

The biggest and best movies of the year often have epic set pieces and plots going in many directions, so it’s often easy to lose track of the real people playing the roles in the films.

Just in time for the 93rd Academy Awards, which will take place on April 25, 24/7 Tempo compiled a list of all 20 actors nominated for an Oscar this year, showing them both in and out of character.

Some of the actors did not have to change their appearance much, while others had to wear wigs and heavy makeup. Even though roles based on the life of real people are usually cast to people who have at least some resemblance to the character, they, too, often go through major transformation.

This year’s Oscars features many actors who have never before been nominated. Others have been nominated but won only once, despite being  among the most famous names in Hollywood — these are the most popular Oscar winners of all time.

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