Special Report

America's Favorite Brands and Stores in 2021

Who says retail is dead? Although the pandemic undeniably cut into traditional store-based sales, many chains continue to thrive, propelled by the easing of COVID-19 restrictions and an opening economy.  

It’s not surprising that shoppers are returning to stores. Online shopping is fine, but now that it’s becoming possible again, people are anxious to finally get out of the house — and shopping is a tactile experience. Buyers like to touch and see products up close before buying.  

24/7 Wall St. has drawn on data collected by the international research and analytics firm YouGov to learn which retail chains and consumer brands are the most popular with the public today, now that the country is returning to some semblance of normality. The resulting list includes everything from familiar brands whose goods are available at numerous outlets, like Huggies for diapers and Keurig for coffee machines, to mega-stores specializing in everything from books (Barnes & Noble) to electronics (Best Buy). (These are the 50 most valuable brands in the world.) 

Of course, some companies have had to adjust with the times. For some on this list, such as Office Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond, closing stores in 2020 was one way to survive and maintain profitability. Fortunately for them, their popularity doesn’t seem to have suffered. (See These 20 Retailers Closed the Most Stores Last Year.)

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