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The Best and Worst Thing About Every State

The Best Thing About Every State

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Best thing: America’s best college football program

The University of Alabama has won 17 national football championships, including the 2017 title, and is No. 1 again this year.

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Best thing: Wide open spaces

There are just 1.2 people per square mile in Alaska.The next lowest density state, Wyoming, has a density of 5.8 people per square mile, while the United States has 87.4 people per square mile.

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Best thing: The Grand Canyon

What is 277 river miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep? America’s greatest natural wonder, the Grand Canyon.

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Best thing: Ozark Mountains

The picturesque Ozarks owe their name to French explorers. The name is derived from the French phrase “aux arcs,” the northernmost bend in the Mississippi River.

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Best thing: Lowest gender pay gap

California women make 89 cents for every dollar a man makes — certainly not perfect, but a higher rate than in any other state.

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Best thing: Least obese

Just 22.4% of Colorado adults are considered obese. Most states have obesity rates over 30%.

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Best thing: UConn basketball teams

The women’s and men’s basketball teams at the University of Connecticut have won 15 national championships between them — 11 for the women’s team and four for the men’s team.

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Best thing: Tax haven

More companies are incorporated in Delaware than in any other state. Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies are based in Delaware.

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Best thing: Beach access

Outside of Alaska, Florida has more coastline than any other state. Unlike Alaska, Florida’s coasts are warm. The state has 825 miles of accessible beaches, and no point in the state is more than 60 miles away from the water

Best thing: Birth of civil rights movement

Georgia is the birthplace of both the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr.