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Teams That Have Lost All Their Super Bowls

With hundreds of millions of viewers each year, the Super Bowl is by far the biggest event in the American sports calendar. Each year, one team writes its names in the history books, while another is left with nothing but disappointment.

Of the 32 NFL teams, 20 have won at least one Super Bowl. Some newly-formed franchises like the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars have yet to even make the Super Bowl. Then, there are the eight unfortunate franchises that have made the Super Bowl at least once but never took home football’s biggest prize.

To determine the teams that have lost all their Super Bowls, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the outcome of each Super Bowl using data from Pro Football Reference.

Of the eight teams that have lost all their Super Bowls, three have only made the big game once, three have made it twice, and two tortured fan bases have watched their team make it to four Super Bowls only to lose them all.

While watching your team lose a Super Bowl is unpleasant, it may be better than rooting for a team that never seems to stand much of a chance to make it there in the first place. The Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns have never made it to the big game, despite being active for decades before the Super Bowl even started. These hapless organizations have scarcely even made it into the playoffs in recent years, often stringing together many losing seasons in a row. These are the NFL teams with the all-time worst losing streaks.

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