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The Best Halloween Movies for a Good Scare, According to Fans

‘Tis is the season for the tightness-in-the-stomach, scary feeling that only a Halloween movie can bring. There are many ways to properly celebrate the spooky holiday — including carving pumpkins and eating sour candy until your tongue starts to peel — but getting in the spirit of the ghoulish season starts with watching a classic Halloween movie. 

To determine the best Halloween movies according to fans, 24/7 Tempo developed an index based on audience reception using data from the Internet Movie Database and Rotten Tomatoes. The index consists of each film’s average IMDb user rating and Rotten Tomatoes audience score, each measure weighted equally. Supplemental data on cast and crew information came from IMDb. Data was collected October 2021. Only movies whose plots revolve around Halloween, or whose mise-en-scène directly relate to Halloween themes, were considered. 

The 50 movies on the list cover decades of horror involving supernatural forces and terrifying serial killers, as well as kid-friendly, albeit spooky, classics, and even a lesson about what happens when the rules of trick or treating are disobeyed. 

A list of the best Halloween movies, especially one where the movies are ranked by viewers, will not be complete without a few cult favorites, including one about a troubled boy plagued with visions and another about a socially awkward vet assistant obsessed with perfect hands. 

Unexpectedly for some, maybe, not all of the viewers’ favorite Halloween movies are horror films or even mildly scary ones. While the plots of several films on the list revolve around the holiday, the motion pictures are comedies. So if you want a list consisting only of films with a frightening impact, you need this list of the best horror movies ever made

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