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Best Independent Coffee Shop in Every State

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When you find yourself with a hankering for an expertly-made cup of coffee, what’s your go-to? Do you carefully brew it yourself? Head to your local Starbucks? Grab a cheap cup from the nearest convenience store? If you’re like many of us, instead you head over to a local independent coffee shop, where the barista knows your name and regular order.  

A great independent coffee shop is a lot more than just a place to get a grab-and-go coffee and pastry on your way to work. The best don’t just offer great coffee (with employees who are passionate about coffee and willing to share their expertise with you); they’re comfortable and inviting places to meet with friends or a date, get some work done, or just sit with your thoughts and look out the window. (These are the best coffee cities in America.)

Many of the best coffee shops source their coffee beans from the world’s best producers (and in many cases forge relationships with the growers themselves) and roast their own beans in-house. And for those who don’t roast their own beans, they purchase theirs from well-regarded roasteries. At some great coffee shops, where coffee-lovers can sample a variety of fresh-brewed single-origin coffees, learning about the subtle nuances inherent in the flavors and aromas of each one. Other places get their coffee from a single source and turn them into a wide array of drinks that go above and beyond what you’ll find at your local Starbucks. (If that ubiquitous chain is your thing, though, you’ll want to know the Starbucks capitals of America.) 

To determine the best independent coffee shop in every state, 24/7 Tempo reviewed and extrapolated from articles and rankings on a wide range of websites, including Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Fodors, The Culture Trip, Time Out, Eater, Cheapism, Big Seven Travel, and Yelp, as well as numerous state and local coffee shop listings.

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Source: Courtesy of Prevail Union MGM (Prevail Union MGM) via Facebook

Alabama: Prevail Union
> Location: Montgomery

Megan and Wade Preston had spent time working in the non-profit sector and were looking for a way to create a space that cultivated an authentic and diverse community while also improving the lives of their friends in the developing world, and they realized that coffee was the perfect solution. They opened Prevail Union in 2014 and it was such a success that they soon began roasting their own beans. They’re roasting up a variety of single origin coffees as well as blends, and each has handy tasting notes (like “strawberry, vanilla, walnut” for their Ethiopian Sidama Legend). They also offer a wide variety of gift subscriptions. They work closely with each of their coffee farmers, and the coffee shop itself is sleek and comfortable.


Source: Courtesy of Black Cup - Cafe Del Mundo via Facebook

Alaska: Black Cup
> Location: Anchorage

Going strong since 1975 (making it a true pioneer in the world of craft coffee), Black Cup was founded as café Del Mundo by Perry Merkel after traveling through Central America touring coffee farms. He started roasting his own coffee in a small shed, and as word got out and more people stopped by to get their first taste of fresh roasted coffee, business exploded. Merkel retired in 2011, and the new owners renamed it Black Cup, on a mission to serve “Extraordinary Coffee Best Served Black.” Their emphasis has always been on farm-to-cup transparency, roasting to promote origin characteristics, coffee education, and delivering the world’s finest coffees to Alaskans.

Source: Courtesy of A.T. Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop via Facebook

Arizona: A.T. Oasis Coffee & Tea Shop
> Location: Phoenix

A.T. Oasis imports Ethiopian specialty coffee exclusively, sourcing it from the Sidamo and Yirgacheffe regions, where the beans are grown at elevations between 4,600 and 7,000 feet. Founded in 2013 by Eritrean-born Aisha Tedros and her husband, Abdul, A.T. Oasis starts with all-natural green coffee beans bought directly from farmers by Aisha, who then roasts them in small batches; it’s then served in a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. She also serves traditional Ethiopian snacks as well as a wide variety of teas, including chai made with all-natural spices imported from Eritrea.

Source: Courtesy of Doomsday Coffee & Roasterie via Facebook

Arkansas: Doomsday Coffee & Roasterie
> Location: Fayetteville and Siloam Springs

This wouldn’t be a bad place to wait if Doomsday were approaching. Doomsday is roasting up a variety of coffees including Guatemala Antigua Carmen and Costa Rica Turrazu El Pastora, and they provide useful info for each like the region, growing altitude, and even the milling process. There are also plenty of iced drinks available (try the iced white mocha.) as well as some of the best breakfast tacos in town.


Source: Courtesy of Phin Smith via Facebook

California: Phin Smith
> Location: Garden Grove

Phil Smith is a warm and welcoming Garden Grove coffee shop that specializes in Vietnamese coffee. Offerings include the District 1 Roast, made with Robusta beans grown in the central highlands of Vietnam, and the Saigon Blend, made with Central Highland Robusta balanced with Arabica. There are also lots of specialty coffees and teas, including a lavender latte, English-style iced milk tea, and ice-blended coconut coffee. Their Taiwanese sea salt coffee is also worth seeking out for those looking for something a little different.

Source: Courtesy of Story Coffee via Facebook

Colorado: Story Coffee
> Location: Colorado Springs

Story Coffee Co. is located inside a ridiculously charming “tiny house,” and unlike most coffee shops, offers no wifi or places to plug in – so customers are encouraged to engage in conversation instead of burying their faces in a screen. Founded by Don and Carissa Niemyer in 2015 after they visited more than 200 coffee shops in 45 states, Story Coffee roasts all its own coffee and turns them into delicious blends that the locals can’t get enough of. Even better, 5% of all revenues go toward feeding the local homeless population.


Source: Courtesy of Allora Coffee & Bites via Facebook

Connecticut: Allora Coffee & Bites
> Location: Norwalk

Allora Coffee & Bites founder Kim Steinberg grew up in a coffee-loving Italian-American household, and while studying abroad in Florence, the neighborhood caffé became her home away from home. Allora is her interpretation of that quintessential Italian institution, and it serves up spot-on versions of classic Italian coffee drinks, from cappuccino to macchiato, along with single-origin espresso, mushroom mocha, and plenty of teas. There are also a variety of toasts and panini on offer.

Source: Courtesy of The House of Coffi via Facebook

Delaware: The House of Coffi
> Location: Dover

Located inside a historic old house in the heart of downtown Dover, The House of Coffi (that’s the Welsh spelling, reflecting the origin of the founder) is a beloved local gathering place with a charming interior and a sunny porch outside. The coffee beans are roasted just hours before brewing, vinyl records are always spinning, and walls are decorated with artwork from local artists. It’s inviting and unpretentious, with a simple lineup of drip and cold brew coffee drinks and teas, along with bagels, pastries, and a rotating selection of sandwiches.

Source: Courtesy of Wells Coffee Company via Facebook

Florida: Wells Coffee Company
> Location: Fort Lauderdale

The husband and wife duo of Brandon and Nicole Wells grew up loving coffee, and after being gifted with a small coffee roaster, they became obsessed. Coffee boot camp, an origin trip to Colombia, and a successful Kickstarter campaign soon followed, and Wells Coffee Company was born in 2013. They source their beans from the best growing regions on earth, roast them daily on-premises, and sell both single origin coffees and expertly-crafted blends. The café itself is cute and welcoming with plenty of seating, and one sip of their coffee will tell you how seriously they take it.


Source: Courtesy of Rev Coffee via Facebook

Georgia: Rev Coffee
> Location: Smyrna

Located in a converted garage, theRev Coffee has been sourcing and roasting their own beans since 2010. It’s become a beloved local gathering place since then, serving cult-favorite choices like the best-selling Consensus Blend, a chocolatey, dark-roasted combination of Brazilian Cerrado and Colombian Antioquia. They supply coffee to lots of local cafés and restaurants, and turn them into expertly-crafted coffee drinks in-store. And on a hot day, nothing beats their frozen hot chocolate.

Source: Courtesy of Buckin' Brew Espresso via Facebook

Hawaii: Brew & Foam
> Location: South Shore and North Shore, Oahu

With two Oahu locations, Brew & Foam has won over the locals with its perfectly prepared menu of classic coffee drinks as well as new creations like the Undertow (espresso, coconut syrup, and half & half), Dawn Patrol (drip coffee, grass-fed butter, and cold-press coconut oil), and Haupia Mocha (espresso, cacao, steamed milk, and coconut whipped cream). They also offer a small selection of waffles, sandwiches, and pastries.


Source: Courtesy of Slow by Slow Coffee Bar via Facebook

Idaho: Slow by Slow Coffee Bar
> Location: Boise

At the stylish, retro-inspired Slow by Slow, they’re serving up coffee from some of the finest small independent roasters in the country, including Proud Hound in Cincinnati, HEX in Charlotte, and Elm Coffee Roasters in Seattle. Their baristas are trained to bring out the very best flavor in each roast (they’re all sold individually as pour-over), and guests who fall in love with a specific roaster can also buy their beans by the bag. It’s a smart and creative way to support small local roasters while introducing Boise to coffees they wouldn’t be able to find otherwise.

Source: Courtesy of Two Hearted Queen via Facebook

Illinois: Two Hearted Queen
> Location: Chicago

Making the Windy City swoon since 2015, Two Hearted Queen was founded by Cassandra Andrewson and Cely Garcia on the first floor of an old house. Each room is filled with quirky furniture, making the place fun and comfortable for hanging out. The enterprise was founded with a mission to support sustainable coffee farms, and they roast signature blends in-house with fun names including Love Potion #222 (juicy and velvety) and Witchcraft (dark chocolatey with a nutty finish). A variety of pastries and teas round out the menu.

Source: Courtesy of Georgia Street Grind via Facebook

Indiana: Georgia Street Grind
> Location: Indianapolis

This cute and cozy coffee shop only offers coffee to-go, but it’s worth seeking out while strolling through downtown Indianapolis. Founded by Justin Jones in 2016 (the lines haven’t let up since), Georgia Street Grind serves only coffee from local roasters, blended in-house and turned into some truly stunning coffee creations, including café Miel (with honey, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla), Blended Caramello (mocha, espresso, and caramel sauce), and honey lavender latte. Justin also recently opened a larger café, Bovaconti Coffee, nearby.


Source: Courtesy of Morning Bell Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Iowa: Morning Bell Coffee Roasters
> Location: Ames

At Morning Bell Coffee Roasters, they only purchase Fair Trade and Organic-certified green coffee beans, as well as some Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified coffees, namely from Selva Negra in Nicaragua – and roasting them all in-house. The whole operation is computer-free, for a truly “made by humans” coffee experience, and social and environmental sustainability is central to what they do. Founder Nadav Mer recently sold the business, which is transitioning into Iowa’s first workers’ cooperative.

Source: Courtesy of Reverie Coffee Roasters

Kansas: Reverie Coffee Roasters
> Location: Wichita

Reverie roasts a variety of small-batch coffees, led by expert coffee roaster Oscar Pineda. Coffee is sourced from around the world and, after roasting, brewed with care, and served in this charming coffee bar or sold wholesale to local businesses and restaurants. Popular blends include Bone Shaker (orange zest, chocolate, and caramel notes), Moonless Midnight (dark chocolate, dates, and pecan notes), and 24K Goat (with notes of chocolate, baking spices, and nuts), and lots of single origin options are available, too.


Source: Courtesy of John R. via Yelp

Kentucky: Quill’s Coffee
> Location: Louisville

This Louisville specialty coffee roaster was founded by Nathan Quillo in 2007, and coffee enthusiasts from across the city soon fell in love with its carefully sourced, expertly roasted, and thoughtfully brewed coffee. Coffee shops around the country are also buying their beans wholesale, a testament to just how great this coffee is. Single-origin coffees come from El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, and Mexico, and they’re constantly on the lookout for intriguing new coffees, including one from Tolima, Colombia, processed using anaerobic fermentation.

Source: Courtesy of Spitfire Coffee via Facebook

Louisiana: Spitfire Coffee
> Location: New Orleans

When the tiny Spitfire Coffee opened in 2013, it was one of the first specialty coffee shops in New Orleans, and it remains the best. They’re sourcing a constantly rotating selection of the best-quality single origin beans they can find, and four to five of them at a time are brewed via pour-over. The beans are also turned into classic espresso-based drinks as well as specialty offerings including a Brown Butter Mocha and Las Tres Flores with lavender milk, orange blossom syrup, and rose petals.

Source: Courtesy of Bard Coffee via Facebook

Maine: Bard Coffee
> Location: Portland

Located in the heart of downtown Portland’s Old Port neighborhood, Bard Coffee is an airy and inviting coffee house that specializes in single-origin coffees roasted in-house. Opened in 2009, Bard has made it their mission to tell the story of the people and places their coffee comes from in each cup, and they’ve built relationships with each of their growers, including Francisca and Oscar Chacon in Costa Rica and Olvin Rivera in Honduras (their website also offers photos and bios of each). Beans are roasted using a top-of-the-line Loring Smart Roast by head roaster Bill Guddeck.


Source: Courtesy of Maria O. via Yelp

Maryland: Vigilante Coffee Company
> Location: Hyattsville and College Park

Vigilante Coffee Company’s founder, Chris Vigilante, fell in love with coffee as a barista in Honolulu, and he launched his first business with a small roaster on his back porch in D.C. in 2012. After selling his beans wholesale and at farmers markets, he opened a café and roastery in Hyattsville two years later with the help of co-owner Ashley Bodine and master roaster Franklin Ventura. They roast carefully sourced coffees from around the world, and serve single-origin masterpieces as well as wildly delicious blends. They also donate 1% of all annual sales to local charities.

Source: Courtesy of Thinking Cup via Facebook

Massachusetts: Thinking Cup
> Location: Boston

Thinking Cup opened just steps from Boston Common back in 2010, and the welcoming shop has racked up countless awards and accolades since then. They source their coffee beans directly from New York’s acclaimed Stumptown, and are serving everything from $1.50 cups of straight-ahead coffee to single-origin pour-overs. They’re also turning out classic espresso-based drinks as well as specialty drinks including mocha with homemade chocolate sauce, hazelnut latte with fresh-roasted hazelnut paste, and hot chocolate made with 64% Tainori Valhrona Drinking Chocolate. There’s also an expansive menu of breakfast items and sandwiches, with plenty of gluten-free options.


Source: Courtesy of Qahwah House via Facebook

Michigan: Qahwah House
> Location: Dearborn

“Qahwah” is the Arabic word for coffee – which reportedly originated in Yemen in the 14th century. The founder, Ibrahim Alhasbani, also hails from Yemen, and that’s where he’s sourcing all his coffee from; in fact, his family owns the coffee farm. His shop is spacious and decorated with Yemeni relics, and the coffee is available in custom blends as well as medium, dark, and espresso roast. If you stop in, be sure to try the sabaya, a flaky, layered traditional Yemeni pastry.

Source: Courtesy of Five Watt Coffee via Facebook

Minnesota: Five Watt Coffee
> Location: Minneapolis

Founded by Lee Carter and Caleb Garn in 2014, Five Watt Coffee has four Minneapolis locations, and each has become a beloved local gathering place (one location even has what they call “a rent-by-the-hour unicorn stable”). Their lineup of coffee drinks was inspired by craft cocktails. For example, the Busy Beaver is made with maple syrup, blackstrap bitters, espresso, milk, cinnamon, molasses, and black pepper, and the Big Easy has cold-press coffee, chicory nutmeg syrup, black walnut bitters, and cream. They’re also selling a wide variety of whole bean blends.

Source: Courtesy of M7 Coffee House via Facebook

Mississippi: M7 Coffee House
> Location: Ridgeland

This low-key, tin-roofed coffee shop – unpretentious and unassuming – is the centerpiece of an initiative that started in 2014 to revitalize an unoccupied block of tattered buildings and turn them into community gathering places. The coffee here is top-notch, locally sourced, and brewed with love, and it’s also home to the city’s only “toast bar.” Drop by on Wednesdays for live music.


Source: Courtesy of Mudhouse Coffee via Facebook

Missouri: Mudhouse Coffee
> Location: Springfield

Located in the heart of charming downtown Springfield, Mudhouse Coffee roasts all of its beans in-house, fresh weekly. Coffee is made via French press or drip (the drip coffee is generously bottomless), and along with all the classic coffee drinks they’re also getting creative with offerings like blackberry sage lattes, toffee lattes (with vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch), and the Mudskipper (a latte with Ghirardelli chocolate and hazelnut). They also offer plenty of fun frozen coffee options, smoothies, and killer breakfast burritos and sandwiches.

Source: Courtesy of Ebon Coffee Collective via Facebook

Montana: Ebon Coffee Collective
> Location: Billings

Ebon Coffee Collective has a cool, mellow vibe with white walls and plenty of greenery, and it sources its coffee exclusively from Montana-based roasters. The place also bakes a lineup of pastries, including plenty of gluten-free options. Other scratch-made offerings include homemade kombucha, hibiscus lime iced tea, and espresso and elderflower tonic, and there are weekly and monthly coffee bean subscriptions.


Source: Courtesy of Doug D. via Yelp

Nebraska: Howlin’ Hounds Coffee
> Location: Omaha

Howlin’ Hounds proudly claims to serve “the best cup of coffee in Omaha,” and it’s hard to argue with that. Owned and operated by Greg Sechser and named after his two dogs (with whom he lives upstairs), the cozy shop boasts hardwood floors, brick walls, and a long bar with soda fountain stools. Sechser brews coffee from Gimme! Coffee, based near Ithaca, New York. If there’s a coffee drink, they’ll make it; their offerings are expansive and each is made with care. Oatmeal and pastries from local bakeries are also offered, and art from local artists lines the walls.

Source: Courtesy of Clyde's Coffee Roasting Company via Facebook

Nevada: Clyde’s Coffee Roasting Company
> Location: Stateline

This Lake Tahoe favorite, founded by Craig & Marlo Quillin and named after their son Clyde, is on a mission to provide the highest quality coffee available, from farm to cup. They’ve partnered with Vournas Coffee Trading, a boutique coffee firm, in order to provide direct-sourced, hand-picked organic and fair-trade coffee beans from fine specialty estates and co-ops. Their website goes into exquisite detail on each type of coffee they offer, from growing region to bean type to processing technique to tasting notes, and single estate coffees include Costa Rica “El Tigre,” Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB “Dulce Leonarda,” and Mexico Rancho San Francisco. You might have heard that drinking a good cup of coffee is like sipping a fine wine, and after a visit to Clyde’s, you’ll understand why.

Source: Courtesy of Adelle's Coffeehouse via Facebook

New Hampshire: Adelle’s Coffeehouse
> Location: Dover

Located in the heart of Dover, Adelle’s is a hip hangout serving coffee from Seacoast Coffee Company in Portland, Maine. They brew drip coffee in small batches so it’s always super-fresh, and their espresso is bright, deep, and bold. To make their signature cold brew, organic Mexican coffee is steeped for six hours, and it’s dark and smooth. They pride themselves on expert baristas, great coffee, fresh pastries, signature bagel sandwiches, and a wide array of teas from White Heron in portsmouth. On a hot day, be sure to order a made-to-order lemonade.


Source: Courtesy of Roast'd Coffee (Fort Lee, NJ) via Facebook

New Jersey: Roast’d
> Location: Hasbrouck Heights, Fort Lee, and Franklin Lakes

Roast’d sources the finest beans from around the world, roasting them on-site in small batches, and serving them in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The well-trained baristas measure out exactly the right amount of beans for each serving, grind them fresh, and brew each cup to order. It takes a little extra time, but the end result is a cup of coffee that’s essentially perfect. Eight to ten single-origin coffees are on offer at any time, with something for everyone; the baristas will be happy to talk you through their selection, like sommeliers.

Source: Courtesy of Espresso Fino via Facebook

New Mexico: Espresso Fino
> Location: Albuquerque

Downtown Albuquerque’s cozy and charming Espresso Fino is an espresso bar serving expertly prepared iced and hot coffee and espresso drinks. All coffee is locally roasted, certified organic, and Fair Trade. Owner Greg Flores can usually be found behind the counter pulling espresso shots himself, and he and his employees are all friendly and knowledgeable.


Source: Courtesy of Kitten Coffee via Facebook

New York: Kitten Coffee
> Location: Brooklyn

Located in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, Kitten Coffee was founded by Australian Rowan Tuckfield, who moved to New York in 2007 on a mission to brew the city’s best cup of coffee and set up shop the following year. Kitten sources and roastsl their own beans, and each bag is hand-marked with a letterpress printer, with farmers’ names, tasting notes, coffee varietals, and production methods. All their coffees are “naturally processed,” meaning that the entire cherry is left to ferment in the sun, resulting in impressive depth and body. Kitten Coffee provides coffee to many of the city’s best restaurants, including one with three Michelin stars.

Source: Courtesy of Panacea Coffee Co. via Facebook

North Carolina: Panacea Coffee Co.
> Location: Waynesville

With exposed brick walls, plenty of seating, and a back deck overlooking a scenic creek, Panacea Coffee Co. is a great place to while away an afternoon over conversation or with a good book. Opened in a historic warehouse building in 2001, it’s a full-service espresso bar and roastery roasting specialty-grade beans in-house and serving a variety of coffee drinks. They also sell many single-origin whole-bean coffee, and there’s a full menu of sandwiches and salads.

Source: Courtesy of Youngblood Coffee Roasters via Facebook

North Dakota: Youngblood Coffee Roasters
> Location: Fargo

Youngblood was founded as a grassroots operation in 2016, serving house-roasted coffee in a cool, modern, white-walled space. They offer ethically-sourced, fully-washed Arabica beans, which are roasted in a top-of-the-line Probat roaster to accentuate each coffee’s unique character and flavor. Coffees on offer include Cajamarca from Peru, Yirgacheffe Adado from Ethiopia, and San Agustín from Colombia.


Source: Courtesy of Deeper Roots Coffee via Facebook

Ohio: Deeper Roots Coffee
> Location: Cincinnati

After forging a cooperative relationship with a community of coffee farmers in Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala, a group of friends founded Deeper Roots Coffee in Cincinnati in 2011. Since then, they’ve continued to collaborate with like-minded coffee producers from diverse regions, exploring taste, quality, and sustainability. Deeper Roots started as a roastery, but they’ve since opened three coffee bars in town, and each is quaint and charming. For aspiring coffee aficionados, they also offer a variety of classes from cupping to espresso making to manual brewing methods.

Source: Courtesy of Hoboken Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Oklahoma: Hoboken Coffee Roasters
> Location: Guthrie

A labor of love for founders Trey and Mallory Woods, Hoboken Coffee Roasters opened its doors inside what was previously an abandoned old garage in 2012. The Woods spent years converting it into one of the most welcoming spaces in the historic town of Guthrie, and the daily crowds imply that they must be doing something right. They’re roasting single-origin coffees from Colombia, Ethiopia, and Sumatra, and also crafting several blends.


Source: Courtesy of Donny P. via Yelp

Oregon: Prince Coffee
> Location: Portland

Prince Coffee was founded in 2016 in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, but it proved to be so popular that they ended up moving into larger digs in Beaumont soon after. It’s a sunny quintessential neighborhood coffee shop, serving a rotating selection of coffees from Heart Coffee Roasters and Proud Mary, both small-batch roasters based in Portland. Along with classic coffee and espresso drinks, they’re also making traditional stroopwafels by hand and serving a lineup of breakfast sandwiches, and there’s a thoughtfully curated retail selection.

Source: Courtesy of Function Coffee Labs via Facebook

Pennsylvania: Function Coffee Labs
> Location: Philadelphia

Function Coffee Labs was founded by the husband and wife duo of Ross Nickerson and Megan McCusker in 2015, after time spent traveling through Europe and discovering its best coffee bars. They returned with a desire to open Philly’s finest coffee shop, and succeeded. Their house coffee is a rotating single origin from their sister company, Vibrant Coffee Roasters; they offer three higher quality, more complex, and dynamic single origin “Lab Line” coffees prepared via Hario V60 pour-over; and they’re known for their super-concentrated single-origin espresso. They’re also baking cinnamon buns, croissants, and more from scratch.

Source: Courtesy of The Nook Coffee House via Facebook

Rhode Island: The Nook Coffee House
> Location: East Greenwich

Nestled in the heart of East Greenwich, The Nook is charming, cozy, and just a great place to get a cup of coffee. Owner Shannon Vincelette sources just about everything she serves locally, including coffee from New Harvest in Pawtucket, dairy from Narragansett Creamery, and bagels from Providence Bagels. There’s always a wide array of fun seasonal coffee drinks available along with the usual lineup, and it’s one of the only places in the state where you’ll find kombucha on tap.


Source: Courtesy of Coyote Coffee café via Facebook

South Carolina: Coyote Coffee Café
> Location: Greenville

Greenville’s family-owned Coyote Coffee has three convivial locations in town. It’s best known for its wide variety of expertly made hot, frozen, and iced coffee drinks; made-to-order smoothies; and wide variety of breakfast items, sandwiches, and salads. There are always plenty of seasonal specialty drinks, but year-round favorites include Birthday Cake Mocha (with which chocolate, cupcake, and vanilla), Cowboy S’More (toasted marshmallow, vanilla, and chocolate), and Javelina Cheesecake Swirl (cheesecake, tiramisù, white chocolate, and butter pecan).

Source: Courtesy of Pure Bean Coffeehouse via Facebook

South Dakota: Pure Bean
> Location: Rapid City and Box Elder

“Coffee With a Cause” is the motto at Pure Bean, a boutique roastery that sources beans from each of the world’s four major coffee regions and roasts them using a high-tech process called air roasting, which results in a supremely clean-tasting and aromatic cup. And as for that “Cause?” Ten percent of all profits go to charities that help orphans and children living in extreme poverty around the world.


Source: Courtesy of Crema Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Tennessee: Crema Coffee Roasters
> Location: Nashville

Located in the heart of Nashville, Crema Coffee Roasters opened in 2007 after being (literally) built by hand by owners Ben and Rachel Lehman. Three years later, they finally began roasting their own beans, which they source from farmers they know and trust. Each coffee bag label has origin details down to the farm or mill where the coffee was processed, and they pay above fair trade market value for their beans. It’s also a zero waste and completely carbon neutral business. Four single-origin coffees are available by the cup at any time; a flight of all four will seriously boost your coffee knowledge.

Source: Courtesy of LDU Coffee via Facebook

Texas: LDU Coffee
> Location: Dallas

LDU may be a grab-and-go business, but the coffee they’re serving is truly great. It was founded by brothers Mark and Adam Lowes in downtown Perth, Australia, where it earned great acclaim. Ten years after its debut, the two found themselves in Dallas with no options for a strong cup of coffee – so they picked up and moved to America, bringing their unique style of coffee to Texas. Today there are three Dallas locations, all serving up their signature strong, bold, supercharged take on classic Italian espresso. Be sure to try their signature cinnamon swirl loaf and toasted banana bread.

Source: Courtesy of Alpha Coffee via Facebook

Utah: Alpha Coffee
> Location: Big Cottonwood Canyon and Legacy East Jordan

Alpha Coffee was founded in 2011 by Carl Churchill, a 21-year combat veteran, and his wife Lori. The company started out as Lock-n-Load Java, selling exclusively online. In 2016 they rebranded as Alpha Coffee, and the following year they opened their first coffee shop. Supporting the armed forces is a core part of their mission; with each batch of coffee they roast, they automatically set aside a portion to send to deployed troops, and a portion of the profits goes to charities that give to the military community. They offer a wide variety of single origins as well as blends with military-inspired names like Dawn Patrol, Task Force Zulu, and Charlie Don’t Surf.


Source: Courtesy of Onyx Tonics Specialty Coffee via Facebook

Vermont: Onyx Tonics
> Location: Burlington

Onyx Tonics operates under the philosophy that coffee is a living, breathing thing, and that the “terroir” of coffee, much like that of wine, affects its flavor but is usually blended and roasted away. At Onyx, their intention is to tease out the unique flavors of high quality coffees from around the world, and they offer a weekly rotating menu of at least six single-origin examples from high-end roasters, many of them local including, Carrier, Vivid, and Brio, all Vermont-based. Run by husband and wife Jason Gonzalez and Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez, the modern and charming coffee bar provides the perfect opportunity to discover just how varied coffee can be.

Source: Courtesy of Idido Coffee & Social House via Facebook

Virginia: Idido Coffee & Social House
> Location: Arlington

Located in northern Virginia’s Arlington Village, Indio serves top-notch coffee from Philadelphia-based La Colombe, along with tea, breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, and flatbreads in a warm and inviting atmosphere. All the classic coffee and espresso drinks are made with care, and they also offer nitro cold brew and lattes on tap.


Source: Courtesy of Elm Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Washington: Elm Coffee Roasters
> Location: Seattle

It’s no small feat to be the best coffee shop in a city as coffee-obsessed as Seattle, but Elm Coffee Roasters, going strong in Pioneer Square since it was founded by Brendan Mullally in 2013, has a fair claim to the title. Mullally partners with producers and importers from around the world to source the highest-quality green beans on earth and roasts them on-site. Brewed to order, the results are served with a smile in an inviting, high-ceilinged space. Offerings include Kenya Nyeri Gatugi AB (cranberry, baking spice, molasses), Colombia Adelino Urbano (apple raspberry, dulce de leche), and Guatemala Lazaro Costanza (lemon lime, stone fruit, caramel).

Source: Courtesy of Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge via Facebook

West Virginia: Mea Cuppa Coffee Lounge
> Location: Charleston

Located inside Charleston’s historic Capitol Market, the low-key, cosmopolitan Mea Cuppa is about as unpretentious a coffee shop as you’ll find anywhere, with knowledgeable baristas more than happy to guide customers through their wide variety of coffee drinks and brew methods. Their coffees are natural, organic, and directly traded whenever possible, and they also offer Charleston’s widest selection of whole bean coffee sourced from five to eight premier small-batch roasters. All their coffees are grown on small, fair-trade farms and arrive within two to three days of being craft-roasted in small batches.

Source: Courtesy of Wilson's Coffee & Tea via Facebook

Wisconsin: Wilson’s Coffee & Tea
> Location: Racine

Wilson’s sources the best coffee from around the world and experiments with a variety of roasting techniques before settling on the perfect style that brings out the best characteristics of each. All of their coffees are sold by the pound or the cup, and there’s also a full espresso bar serving cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas, blended drinks, and more, along with fresh, made-from-scratch baked goods. The coffee selection is massive, with more than 20 single-origins and custom blends usually available at any time.


Source: Courtesy of Buckin' Brew Espresso via Facebook

Wyoming: Buckin’ Brew Espresso
> Location: Casper and Mills

Founded by the mother-daughter team of Kendra Chorniak and Abby VanValkenburg in 2017 inside a former gas station just outside Casper, Buckin’ Brew Espresso serves a full menu of hot, iced, and frozen espresso drinks, iced coffee and tea, cold-brewed coffee, hot chocolate, fruit smoothies, and other custom drinks (including the popular white chocolate mocha with caramel drizzle), as well as baked goods from a local bakery. For those really looking for a caffeine kick, there are also several specialty drinks made with Red Bull and flavored syrups.

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