Survey Indicates Strong Demand For Apple Tablet (AAPL)

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On January 27th Apple intends to reveal its”latest creation” to the world.  While there has been no official confirmation, it is widely rumored to be a new Apple tablet device, often called the iSlate.  Analysts anticipate the tablet to be a device with a 10 to 11 inch screen with a touch interface similar to the iPhone.  Its costs are projected to be anywhere from $500 to $1000.

ChangeWave Research recently conducted a survey to gauge the impact of the Apple Table’s impending release on consumer behavior.  The survey found that 4% of the 3314 respondent were “Very Likely” to purchase and iSlate, while 14% indicated that they are “Somewhat Likely” to buy one.  ChangeWave points out that they had an identical response from consumer when they conducted a similar survey conducted in August 2005, prior to the release of Mac computers featuring Intel processors.  Of those respondents that indicated they were interested in purchasing and Apple tablet, 75% said they would be willing to spend $500 or more, while 37% said they were willing to spend $700 or more.

In that 2005 survey 37% of respondents indicated that they would delay their purchases of a Mac until the Intel models became available.  ChangeWave found that number to be significantly smaller in the case of the iSlate, though their data indicates that some planned Mac buyers are holding off.

While the survey indicates strong consumer demand for the kind of product Apple is anticipated to release, the devices functionality will ultimately determine its success.  A report in today’s Wall Street Journal indicated that Apple has lofty aspirations for their new product.   Tune in on January 27th to see if Apple can beat the hype.

Garrett W. McIntyre