The 10 Most Popular Government Websites

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10. The White House

>Unique users: 2.7 million
>Average time spent: 4 minutes 58 seconds is the official website for the Office of the President and the place to go if you are looking for President Barack Obama’s policy statements and other executive branch communications. The website includes a link for starting a petition that any visitor can use. And provided the petition gets enough signatures, the Obama Administration will review it and issue a response.

9. State of Florida
>Unique users: 2.8 million
>Average time spent: 18 minutes 4 seconds

The official portal for the State of Florida is actually, but many of the pages linked from the state’s homepage use the domain. While domain use is not important to visitors, it does make Nielsen’s count more problematic. How can Florida have less than 3 million unique visitors in the coldest, darkest month of the year?

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8. Department of Veterans Affairs
>Unique users: 2.8 million
>Average time spent: 16 minutes 21 seconds

The Veterans Affairs website provides veterans of the U.S. armed forces information on a variety of topics of special interest to veterans, as well as links to services, such as applications for certain benefits. There are about 23 million armed forces veterans in the United States, with Gulf and Vietnam era vets each counting for about a third, and World War II and Korean Conflict vets accounting for a diminishing portion of the rest.

7. Department of Health and Human Services
>Unique users: 2.9 million
>Average time spent: 23 minutes 16 seconds

The sign-up period for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act ended on March 31. The website served 36 of the 50 states. According to an AP report, the site had 1.5 million visitors a day in the last week before the deadline and 1.7 million on Sunday, March 30. The Obama Administration reported that more than 7 million people signed up for health insurance, and that some 85% of those have paid their first-month’s premium.

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6. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
>Unique users: 3.5 million
>Average time spent: 4 minutes 54 seconds

The CDC website is primarily an informational site. It has information about human diseases and symptoms, emergency preparedness and response, environmental health, healthy living, as well as data and statistics. The site offers, for example, a free tool that can help parents track their child’s development.