AppleInsider’s Dilger: Hardware is easy. Not.

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From The myth of Apple’s impossibly difficult (yet super easy) hardware business, posted last week by Daniel Eran Dilger:

We’ve seen two decades of this cognitive dissonance posing as analysis with iPod, iPhone, MacBook Air, iPad, Apple Watch and now HomePod. At first, there was supposed to be no way Apple could be successful or even compete in any of these markets. Then, in hindsight, Apple’s performance is portrayed as a fait accompli, the result of the company’s effortless ability to shovel anything into the market, douse it with marketing, and ignite a bonfire of vanity that attracts simpleton fans who don’t know any better.

Apple’s hardware business is portrayed as so effortless that the company doesn’t even deserve any credit for its success. The obvious corollary to this bizarre flawgic is that rival companies can also just throw out new ideas that will obviously be accepted and embraced by consumers the same way Apple’s are, because hardware is easy. (more.)

My take: Dilger is one of my favorite Apple FUDbusters. It was my great pleasure to spend a day last week with him and Horace Dediu.

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