Rene Ritchie: What Apple has up its sleeve (video)

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Looking forward to Apple’s Sept. 2018 iPhone event? If you have time for only one what-to-expect video, Ritchie’s is the one to watch.


Mixing speculation with entertainment, he runs through what’s sure to be there, what definitely won’t, and what maybe should have been. Twelve minutes, jam-packed.

It’ll start with the lights coming up in the Steve Jobs Theater, just across from the ring at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. A couple of DolbyVision projectors will spin up like FTL [faster-than light] drives, technicians perched on top to make sure that, for a couple hours at least, they’re the best calibrated machines on the planet. And that’s when Tim Cook will put sneaker to stage…

My take: Ritchie’s sources at Apple these days are second to none.

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