The most detailed Apple org chart yet — a sample

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From The Information: “The People With Power at Apple” ($).

Nineteen people directly report to Mr. Cook, overseeing hardware, software, services, chips, artificial intelligence, marketing, finance and other areas (the figure includes Mr. Cook’s executive assistant and excludes a senior leader who reports to Mr. Cook and another executive). That is more than the CEOs of other top tech companies, including Facebook, Amazon and Uber.

Unlike Mr. Jobs, a legendary control freak, Mr. Cook is a consensus-builder who tends to closely consult with his top lieutenants. A former operations and supply chain guru for Apple, he avoids meddling in product decisions, as Mr. Jobs did, people familiar with his leadership said.

“What’s different today is that Tim is much more of a delegator,” said David Yoffie, a professor at the Harvard Business School, who has studied Apple extensively. “Apple is a more traditional type of organization today relative to what it was under Steve.”

My take: The accompanying org chart is a gift to journalists and Silicon Valley head-hunters—a gift, that is, that comes with a $399 annual subscription fee.

Three samples, on my dime, starting with Tim Cook’s direct reports:

apple org chart

Click to enlarge. 

Drilling down under Eddy Cue:

apple org chart

And, last, under Craig Federighi:

There’s tons more where that came from—along with similar org charts for a dozen other companies, including Amazon, Facebook and Tesla—but you have to subscribe to The Information. Smart move by founder (and former WSJ reporter) Jessica Lessin.