Apple’s Earth Day ad gets ‘bro-culture’ blowback from Vice (video)

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From Caroline Haskins’ Is It GOOD or BAD to Use a Dynamite-Triggered Avalanche for an Apple Ad? We Asked Scientists


Jackie Caplan-Auerbach, a geologist at Western Washington University who studies the seismic signals produced by landslides and avalanches, told Motherboard in an email that the footage of the controlled avalanche didn’t bother her as much as other sequences in the behind-the-scenes video.

“I have personal (not scientific) objection to the marketing of hazards,” Caplan-Auerbach said. “For example, the video also shows someone filming a volcanic eruption and engaging with sharks (although it’s not clear what type of shark)—those are both activities that I’d rather we not encourage.”

She added that the video depicts a particular type of culture, in terms of human relationships with the non-human world.

“Honestly, the bro-culture machismo of the behind-the-scenes video bothers me more than the original footage,” Caplan-Auerbach said. “It isn’t the footage per se that is the problem in my mind, it’s the commentary that glorifies danger and survival.”

My take: Haskins must have thought her story was dynamite. Myself, I liked Apple’s Earth Day ad. I wouldn’t mind if a few bros got harmed in the making.

Cue Apple’s behind-the-scenes video:

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