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The Patent Masters Go After Cell Carriers

Douglas A. McIntyre

NTP, the same company that filed patent suits against RIMM, has filed claims against Verizon Wireless, AT&T (T) and Sprint (S). NTP won a $612.5 million judgment against the Blackberry maker.

NTP claims, according to The Wall Street Journal, the big cellular carriers infringe on its patents related to mobile email services. The win against RIMM may well help NTP’s cause.

Given the scope of the business at the nation’s three largest cell carriers, it would not be unimaginable that a winning case could involve damages in the hundreds or millions of billions of dollars. NTP has a least a fighting chance of getting license fees from the three companies who among them have about 180 million customers.

Betting against NTP at this point would be a bad idea.

Douglas A. McIntyre